Mini Beer Pong – Classic


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Made for life on the go, the brand new travel and budget friendly set is the complete Mini Beer Pong experience. Play Mini Beer Pong anytime, anywhere.

After dominating the competition, stow all game pieces and cups in the back of the game board, stash it in your backpack, and embark upon life’s next adventure.

It takes up less room and weighs less than a text book… just saying, it’s not like you’re going to read those things anyways.

The rugged polypropylene exterior protects the game from abuse and makes for easy clean up.

Trade hassle, chasing, and spilling for finger flickin’ fun with Mini Beer Pong – all the cool kids are.

  • Never chase another ping pong ball again
  • Launch tethered balls into mini cups with finger-flickin’ catapults
  • At 2 feet long play anywhere – dorm room, apartment and tailgate
  • Handcrafted wood in Minnesota


Set includes:

1 game board (in black)

2 launchers

1 tethered ball combo (2 balls)

25 cups

2 decals

1 kick ass (or chill) time





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